6 Feb 2013

6 Feb 2013

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Comprehensive Physiotherapy Treatment

Recovery Room Physiotherapy strives to provide a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation service to improve the overall health of each person. We believe that the key to a good outcome is based on the foundation of an accurate diagnosis and focussed treatment plan. We aim to provide an accurate service in an honest, hardworking and friendly atmosphere. You may access our physiotherapists directly (without a referral from your doctor) for both private and ACC related injuries. 

Sports Injuries & Physio for All Ages

Our experience is in day to day conditions that affect us all at work or play and include injuries to muscle, bone, joint and nerves. We also  have an avid interest in sporting injuries and rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists have a special interest in rehabilitating adolescent and young adult athletes. It is our belief that learning to manage injuries of young people whose bodies are still growing and developing is a top priority for the young person’s overall health and well being, and to help them strive for top sporting accolades.

Post-Op / Surgery Physiotherapy

The team at Recovery Room Physiotherapy also have an interest in assisting with active training for events such as marathons, endurance and multisport events. Clients who require treatment to prepare themselves for surgery or to assist with their recovery following surgery will benefit from our services.

Please find a basic overview of some of our post operative protocols to help in the recovery following surgery.

  1. Shoulder Repair

final Shoulder Repair Protocols

Post Op ShoulderrRepair Phase 1

Post Op Shoulder Repair Phase 2

Treatment Times

Treatments sessions are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes in order to ensure the best assessment and treatment available. Assessments and treatments are catered to each individual client.

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