Our Physiotherapists

Our physiotherapists respect the fact that a person’s ability to move and be active is vitally important to living a healthy life. That’s why we don’t differentiate between a person who walks 30 minutes a day with another who plays for the national sports team. Both people strive to be injury free so they can participate in the activities that are meaningful to them. We are here to help people get back moving!

Patient Recovery

As our patient, it’s vitally important that you understand your condition and what entails to optimise recovery. That’s why we promise after your first consultation you will receive the best possible diagnosis and detailed treatment plan to get you on the path of recovery and back to your best. Our physiotherapists have a wide breadth of knowledge, treatment skills and exercise options to help relieve you of discomfort and improve your daily function. The soft tissue techniques used by our physiotherapists aim to get pain levels under-control and improve muscle and joint range of motion. Once these aspects of recovery are manageable we use exercise therapy to ensure optimal recovery and future proof yourself from future injury. We have a purpose built rehabilitation gym that allows our physiotherapists the best environment to prescribe specific rehab plans that help patients like you recover from their problems.

Our Facilities

Our rehabilitation gym allow our physio’s to lead the patient straight from the treatment room into the gym where exercise rehab can start. Using clinical judgement, our physio’s can choose from three areas that represent distinct levels of exercise loading to start your recovery.

The first level is gravity unloaded where you will find our Pilates equipment and primal movement area. Exercises here will consist of Pilates, core and body weighted movements while on your front, back and side as well as stretching poses. The second area is aimed to get patients on their feet and performing assisted and body weighted exercises. Here you can find the suspension equipment, wobble boards for balance as well as boxes used to test jumping and landing capabilities. Lastly as our patients gets stronger they can start moving with resistance in the traditional weight lifting area.

The entire aim of our exercise area is so that our patients can get specific rehabilitation that regains appropriate strength, flexibility and balance control in order to successfully return to their desired form of exercise.

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