Dec 21 2023 2 Tips To Help You Successfully Establish Great Habits For 2024.

2 Tips To Help You Successfully Establish Great Habits For 2024.


2 tips to help you successfully establish great habits for 2024.


Are you a person that finds it hard to keep to your new year’s resolution.

Do you come to this time of the year and feel a twinge of guilt because you couldn’t keep up with your health goals that you set last January?

Well, we have two simple tips that can help you establish and cement your health goals in 2024.

We know that the best time to establish new habits is when you have a fresh start.

That’s why we are giving you these two tips before you make your New Year resolution for 2024.

Establishing and maintaining new health habits when life gets busy is difficult.

If you want 2024 to be the start of creating new healthy habits in your life, we have two easy tips to get you started. These two tips are easy to implement. Giving you consistency of your actions so you can become a healthier you.  

2 Tips to establish healthy habits in your life.

  1. Make your habit easy to start.
    1. Remove the barriers in your way to start the habit. The hardest aspect of habit creating is starting. So, make starting as easy as possible. A common example is leaving your exercise gear in a place that physically blocks your path when you get out of bed. You must pick the gear up to keep moving. The gear is your hands, and this creates the momentum to put the clothes on ready to start exercising.
  2. Make it attractive to perform your habit.
    1. Reward yourself once you have completed your habit. Create a sense of achievement once you have completed your health habit. A simple example is that you may reward yourself with a coffee from a café after your run. If your Health Habit is hard to establish then a reward is great motivation to get started.

We hope these two tips will help you successfully implement your health New Years resolution habits in 2024. Have a read of past posts recommending habit hacks from 2023 HERE and 2021 HERE. Have a great and safe holiday break.



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