Oct 07 2020 A patient's story about recovering from a lingering injury

A patient's story about recovering from a lingering injury


A patient's story about recovering from a lingering injury- a lingering ankle injury that was not recovering

Sophie is a 35-year-old mother of two, works as a nurse and plays squash and netball. Sophie came to our clinic after spraining her ankle a week before lockdown playing squash. Sophie had thought her ankle would settle and ‘come right’ but it was still sore when she jogged across the road and she continued to roll over on it. With the netball starting up, she was not feeling confident getting back into the sports that she loved to do. She decided to seek help to figure out what the recovery plan will be.

After an initial assessment our physiotherapist was able to explain the reason Sophie’s ankle had not recovered.  Sophie had deficits in the strength of her important ankle stabiliser muscles that was leading to a reduction in balance control. This was why she was continually rolling her ankle. The recovery plan started with a specific exercise rehabilitation program in the Recovery Room Physiotherapy Gym. Sophie worked hard on this, completing two sessions in the gym independently over her lunch break each week, in addition to a weekly appointment with her physiotherapist who reviewed and progressed her program as indicated.

Ankle stability exercisesFour weeks down the track Sophie had achieved her goals of feeling confident with the strength and stability of her ankle. The exercise programme tested her ankle to the rigors of squash and netball and Sophie was confident to start back with both sports. The secret of Sophie’s recovery was that she received a specific rehab programme that was performed regularly for four weeks. She also felt that a personalised approach from her physiotherapist really made the difference in achieving her goals.

Recovery Room Physiotherapy has developed an ankle rehab programme tailored for all levels of ankle injury. Best of all, you can complete your recovery program in our specifically designed rehab gym.