Feb 24 2020 How YOU can manage your acute injury. PEACE & LOVE replaces PRICE.

How YOU can manage your acute injury. PEACE & LOVE replaces PRICE.


PEACE & LOVE has replaced PRICE for best practice in treating acute injuries. The infographic below gives people in the community setting the latest recommendation's about the best treatment for the injured athlete. 

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The big discussion point is why isn't ice and the use of anti-inflammatories recommended. The answer is that both options have been shown to speed up the inflammatory process, a process which is vitally important in the proper healing and recovery of an injury. Speeding up the process can result in ineffective healing of ligaments and muscles. Applying ice to an injury was shown to delay muscle reformation for up to 7 days after an injury (Sing et al 2017). In addition Takagi et al (2010) showed that injured rats who did not receive ice had 64% greater muscle size of their injured site when compared to the rats who had applied ice to the injured site.
What will be interesting is to see how the general public utilise this information or will old habits and thought processes result in ice still being used. Of particular interest will be if our top sports teams start implementing the new research to enhance healing and repair of injuries. We know that the use of ice will continue for its analgesic effect to reduce immediate pain. More importantly, we believe compression and elevation is vitally important in the management of acute injuries and should be used in the community setting.