Nov 19 2019 The one thing you MUST do to treat an ankle sprain.

The one thing you MUST do to treat an ankle sprain.


Have you suffered an ankle sprain this year and are still having trouble with it?

According to the 2017 evidence based clinical guidelines outlining diagnosis, treatment and prevention of ankle sprains up to 40% of people who suffer an ankle sprain can experience symptoms for up to twelve months (Vuurburg et al, 2017).

These symptoms can have dramatic consequences to a person’s level of activity. People suffering the effects of an ankle sprain complain about feeling unstable when walking, ankle pain when they run, jump and land and episodes of swelling after exercise.

The good news is that that same 2017 review also highlighted the one thing that all people suffering from ankle pain must do to successful recover from this injury.

That one thing that was identified as the best treatment was a specific ankle exercise rehab programme. Exercise rehab alone was better than any other treatment choice and focussed on improving balance control, strengthening important ankle muscles and specific end stage strengthening exercises to enable patients return to activities that they were having trouble with. 

Single leg balance cone touches

As physios were are in a great position to prescribe patients an exercise programme that will cover off all the necessary aspects of ankle rehab. This is our bread and butter and we have successfully rehabbed numerous people back to their meaningful tasks. At Recovery Room Physio we have ankle specific equipment to stimulate and progress an ankle rehab programme.

Busy ball hop and lands

So If you have suffered an ankle sprain in the last 12 months and are still not 100% you must be performing ankle specific rehab exercises to get you back to what you want to do. If you want to know more or don’t know where to start in your rehab recovery please make contact.