Recovery Room Our Services - Body work

Body work

Our therapists use a variety of therapeutic techniques with the patient to enhance joint and muscle movement and reduce pain. The aim of these techniques is to enhance movement quality and enable the patient to start performing therapist prescribed exercises that encourages healing.

Recovery Room Our Services - Dry Needling/Acupuncture

Dry Needling/Acupuncture

Our therapists use acupuncture and dry needling techniques to help facilitate pain reduction, reduce muscle spasm and enhance muscle activation. The overarching goal of the therapist is to allow the patient to start moving with less pain and therefore increase their overall function.

Recovery Room Our Services - Massage and muscle release therapy

Massage and muscle release therapy

We use massage therapy and muscle release techniques to aid in restoration of muscle range of motion and the reduction of pain.

Recovery Room Our Services - Exercise therapy

Exercise therapy

Movement and exercise therapy plays a vital role in our rehabilitation process. It is important that injured muscles restore strength and their functional capabilities. Once muscle strength has increased our therapist then work to improve the painful movements that our patients were having difficulty with. Restoring quality movement for a pain free daily life is the goal of our exercise therapy rehabilitation process.

Recovery Room Our Services - Return to Sport Rehabilitation

Return to Sport Rehabilitation

We know for a fact that the best predictor of future injury is past injury history. We also know that inadequate rehabilitation that’s not specific to the demands of the sport will result in a person not equipped to return safely further increasing the risk in re-injury. Our therapists work hard to progress the patients through a progressive rehab plan so that each person is prepared to successfully re-enter their sporting domain.

Recovery Room Our Services - Movement analysis

Movement analysis

Video analysis provides information about movement quality. Faulty mechanics that contribute to pain and injury can be identified and explained to the patient. Furthermore we can prescribe a corrective exercise programme that will build resilience to painful movement patterns.

Recovery Room Our Services - Recovery Systems

Recovery Systems

At Recovery Room Physiotherapy and Performance we use Normatec recovery sleeves, foam rolling and stretch programmes to aid in enhancing overall recovery allowing people to train at consistent intensities to improve overall performance.

Recovery Room Our Services - Recovery Systems
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